Fight to achieve your vision

This is exactly what defines Marcel Huette’s life. And this is the spirit he conveys to the people he trains, to help them achieve their own vision.

Marcel Huette is an active boxer, certified boxing fitness trainer, licensed Master boxer, sparring coach and German representative of Gleason’s Gym in New York.

On his many trips to the USA, UK and Japan, Marcel has met with a wide variety of sports professionals, exchanged views with them and trained and fought with them.
These exchanges taught him a great deal, inspiring him to reflect and pass on the knowledge and experience he gained in the process. With an eye to the future, he has consistently channelled this knowledge into the training he offers at Misogi Pro.

Sport and life reflect each other, and so for Marcel Huette and Misogi Pro members, the most important thing is not necessarily always “higher, faster, further”. On the contrary, the focus is on intelligent training, with future benefits in mind.

It’s not all about conquering, it’s about winning. And so fighting is more than just plain contesting – it’s all about personal development and dedicated work. Work on yourself. For yourself. For your health. For your future.

In his training sessions, Marcel Huette is no theoretician, and definitely not an animator. He’s a conductor, a conduit and a challenger. And it is this rich interface that can take trainees to a point they are unable to reach on their own.

Don’t just think it – do it! That’s the watchword, in sport as in thought. Anyone who takes that motto to heart and starts training at Misogi Pro is already a winner. And those who stick with it will become champions – not just in sports, but in life.


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