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Misogi Pro is your Boxing Club in Frankfurt am Main

Private atmosphere, nice and small – but big on what matters most:
  • Professional boxing training. Authentic, demanding, concentrated.
  • Boxing for women and men. For beginners, returnees and the experienced.
  • But no matter what your choice, the focus is always highly effective full-body training through the medium of boxing sport. With all-round exercises for strength, stamina, coordination and fitness.
  • Boxing at Misogi Pro. It’s not just about higher, faster, further – it’s about awareness and intelligence. Physical and mental. So sweating, working out and unwinding is more than just a temporary, short-lived effect – it’s a valuable investment in your life and your future.
  • All the training sessions are led by Marcel Huette. Marcel is no dry theoreticist, nor just another sideline training overseer. He is your personally interactive, dedicated sparring partner. A combination of superior expertise and years of experience, with a fine-tuned instinct for every one of his trainees and passionate about their achievement.
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