Misogi Pro – General Terms and Conditions of Business

To take part in classes at Misogi Pro you must be in good physical condition. If there is any doubt about this, you are advised to consult a doctor prior to participating. Misogi Pro is not responsible for identifying existing health risks and/or medical conditions.

Participation is at your own risk. The participant is aware that boxing is a full-body contact sport which can be associated with certain physical risks. Misogi Pro can only take responsibility for damage to health if this is caused intentionally or through gross negligence.

Appointments mutually agreed upon must be kept. Late arrival will not be compensated for by extending the duration of the class – classes end punctually at the pre-appointed time. A fixed appointment can be cancelled free of charge 24 hours beforehand; if such cancellation is made less than 24 hours prior to the class, the participant will be charged for the full class.

The appointed time refers to the time the actual training starts, i.e. clients may enter the premises of Misogi Pro 15 minutes prior to the appointed time. If a client is not ready for training at the appointed time, this will not prolong the duration of the class.

Misogi Pro takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to clothing, valuables, money etc. other than where this is caused intentionally or by gross negligence, or for damage caused by utilization of the premises or the equipment available.

In Addition, for Boxing Circle Members, the following Conditions Apply

Payment must be effected by the 3rd working day of each month, transferred to the account of Marcel Huette.

If this transfer is not credited to the account by the due date, an additional period of 7 days’ grace will be granted once only.

Should further instances of non-payment occur within this period of grace (i.e. by 10th of the month), the contract will be considered as having been cancelled by the member.

The cancelled contract may be renewed by payment of a reinstatement fee of EUR 160, payable together with the first month’s membership fee payment.

Practice and training times are announced on the notice board. Misogi Pro is entitled to make changes to the dates.

Misogi Pro reserves the right to increase the fees set out in the contract with one month’s notice.

Non-participation in training sessions does not entitle the member to reduce the fee nor to demand reclamation of any fees paid.

Misogi Pro can permit the training session to be cancelled several times during one year but no more than 7 weeks per year, without cancelling the member’s liability to pay the fees.

Misogi Pro reserves the right to cancel a contract with immediate effect in the event of repeated or serious infringements of the Misogi Pro terms and conditions of participation.