After 8 years with Marcel I know he’s never stuck
in one place, he keeps on developing, as we all do.

– Olli, 44, Lawyer


Boxing with Marcel has shown me how to identify my behavior patterns in my everyday life and how to deal with them.

– Matthias, 42, Managing Director


With Marcel’s help, I can at last make my dream of taking part in a boxing match come true!

– Anja, Independent Artists‘ Manager


The training programme goes far beyond
just the physical aspect – it explores the
philosophy behind boxing too.

– Tobias, 40, Entrepreneur

Get ahead with a sparring coach

Personal Sparring – like Personal Boxing – also draws on the professional and intensive methods of authentic boxing training. It is also all about physical development allied to mental discipline.

But Personal Sparring goes a decisive step further:

Sport and life are inextricably connected and have a strong influence on one another. The way we carry ourselves and move is often very similar to the way we behave in our everyday lives. Personal Sparring underlines this mirror image.

Personal Sparring not only helps you learn how to meet sporting challenges better, but also how to stand your ground more effectively when faced with the challenges life throws at you every single day.

Because boxing is fighting. And through boxing, you’ll find out a lot about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your decision-making abilities and how you deal with setbacks.

Boxing sensitises you. It helps you develop strategic intelligence, so you can handle situations with ease and control, letting you cope with life better. Today, now. And even more so in the future.

At Misogi Pro you won’t be doing this alone. Because in Personal Sparring, Marcel Huette is your personal trainer as well as your sparring coach. And as such, he is the driving force, guiding and supporting you in the discovery of what is truly important, understanding it and, where necessary, changing it.

Another plus: If you’d like the chance to travel to the legendary Gleason’s Gym in New York, Marcel Huette will also prepare you for your sparring session or your professional match in front of an audience while you’re there. It’ll be the boxing experience of your life!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • You train away from the public gaze in the secluded, private environment of Misogi Pro
  • You achieve a heightened awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses – mental and physical
  • You can also get a chance to fight at the legendary Gleason’s Gym
  • You learn to deal with a wide range of situations spontaneously, appropriately and in a controlled manner